Safety Tips

At we offer one of the most secure platforms and we are committed to the safety and security to protect member’s privacy. Few things you as a member can do to be in control. Please go through the information below to understand how you can have a safe and secure partner search. We believe that protecting the confidentiality and privacy of our registered users is very important. For this reason, our basic features are designed to protect your confidentiality. Further we have sophisticated tools that enable you to set your privacy and confidentiality levels to those that you are comfortable with.

Privacy Features: offers you various privacy options to protect the details of your profile and decide who views and contacts you.

Can I protect certain details of my profile?
Yes, you can restrict access to your Photo, Horoscope and Reference by protecting them with passwords and only members to whom you give the password can view your details

Can I block and ignore profiles?
You can ignore profiles during search in the View full profile section. Only paid members can block profiles during search in the View full profile section.

Will members know when you view their profile?
No, members will not know when you view their profile.

Why you must keep your login details confidential?
You should keep your login details confidential, as your profile is your responsibility and can be used against you if it falls into the wrong hands.

Verification Services:

You can make use of these services to find out if a profile is genuine and safe to contact.

All the contact numbers on the site authentic? displays only verified phone numbers. insists that all the members verify their phone number through its free phone verification service. This service ensures that the number provided by a member is an active number.

How I can verify a member's credentials through
You can verify a member's credentials using BhagyaVivah Stamp and Reference.

BhagyaVivah Stamp is a seal of trust that members can have on their profile. A member will receive the BhagyaVivah Stamp as soon as his/her below mentioned 3 documents will be uploaded.

  1. Educational Certificates
  2. Residence Proof
  3. Salary Payslip.

The member will get the BhagyaVivah Stamp only when he/she uploads all the 3 documents. Otherwise, only the uploaded documents will be shown on his/her profile.
If you are a businessman or are Non-working then upload only below mentioned 2 documents.

  1. Educational Certificates
  2. Residence Proof

Then get the BhagyaVivah Stamp. Only the Paid members have the privilege of viewing the documents, but the member can control who can view them.

Safety Rules:

'Marriage is very Important Stage in anyone’s Life' and so it is very important that you choose the right person’s profile. Always take care to ensure your safety while searching for a life partner. Please go through below 5 simple rules and always follow to stay safe.

Why I must not reveal too much too soon?
Be cautious in your communication and take your time in getting to know the person you're interested in. Don't give out very personal details like credit card and bank account information. Watch out for people who ask unwanted questions or vague about their answers.

Where I must not have our first meeting?
Do not meet alone until you know the person really well. If you're meeting for the first time, try meeting in public places like coffee shops and avoid meeting in hotel rooms or any private place. Also keep your friends or family informed before you set out.

How I can recognize a money scam and keep away?
You can recognize a money scam when members ask for money. Beware of such people and do not pay anything for visa purposes or any such issues. Never discuss financial matters with someone you just met and hardly know. It could be highly unsafe.

Why I must involve my family?
Marriage is a union of two families and not just two people. Keep your family informed about all your proceedings and involve them in your decision-making to be on the safe side. Make sure you introduce the prospect to your family.

Why my safety is also my responsibility?
Getting married is a lifetime decision and no one can determine what's best for you than yourself, so it's also your responsibility to ensure your own safety and take precautionary steps.

Report Violation:

Report violation and enable us to take immediate action. You will be helping yourself and other members not to fall prey to miscreants.

What can I do when I see a fraudulent profile?
When you see a fraudulent profile you should inform us about it by reporting violation so we may check on the profile and take necessary action against the member.

What I will do when someone will keeps harassing me?
When someone harasses you, you should report violation so we may put an end to it by taking necessary action against the miscreant.

Where I can report about violation?
You can report violation by sending a mail to us at [email protected].

Do I need to reveal my identity when I will report violation?
Yes, it is mandatory that you reveal your identity while reporting violation; however, your identity will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed to the miscreant.

So when you register with you register with the most confidential Indian matrimonial site. So register with confidence.


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